Monday, August 30, 2010

What can I say, I'm a little off lately.

This is Jeremy's loofa...I may or may not have stood in the shower smelling it while crying. Don't judge me...

Friday, August 27, 2010

More things...

To add to the "what sucks about my husband being gone list..."

When your sick, not only do you have no one to take care of you but you also still somehow have to get the energy to take the dog out to go to the bathroom.

And lets not forget having to take the over flowing garbage to the dumpster (!though I didn't, I just stepped on it to squish it down till tomorrow when hopefully I feel better).

This has been a long week with my students back. I am so glad it is Friday so I can sleep all weekend long!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Okay okay, I know, its been awhile..

So life gets in the way, and I completely forget to blog. Yeah its been over a year, what can I say.

So a lot has happened, as it should, in the last year and half. Not to long after my last post:
*I went home for a nice vacation for a week: Hung out with my family and friends, went to Kennewick, visited the place the Twilight Prom was shot and had a all around good time not knowing that I would be back really soon.

* Mid June we find out Jeremy is deploying, and in 11 days I pack up our entire apartment and we put it in storage. I return home and Jeremy deploys

* While home I road trip with Kristina to Zion National Park and Vegas, work at the daycare again off and on, spend time at the cabin with Kristina tubing and trying again to wake board, spend Thanksgiving in Medford with my Mom's parents and make it back to Florida around mid Dec. Jeremy makes it back state side just a few days before Christmas to an almost completely unpacked apartment...I'm good like that.

*Mom and Dad come in late January to celebrate Dad's 50th. We go to Disneyworld and have a blast. The last day they are in town we expand our little family with a four legged, furry child named Atlas. We adopted him him from the Humane Society and couldn't be any happier with our little guy.

*I spend February applying to jobs, which I end up getting 3 interviews for and 3 job offers. Yay! I also bought a car, a Escape.

*Started work in March, at Belleair Elementary (Go Tigers!) where I work as an assistant in an EBD (emotional and behavioral disorders) class. Its rough but I love working in a school setting and have decided I for sure want to go back and get my masters in elementary ed so I can teach.

*In June school ended on the 9th and I was surprised on the 10th by my brother Colin and his girlfriend Amber for my birthday. My husband had been planning in since Jan. and was very sneaky...I had no clue.

*The first couple weeks of July we spent in Vancouver, enjoying our time with our family and friends. Unfortunately we also attended the funeral of my Aunt Gail, who we all love and miss very much.

*The rest of July and August have been stressful. My parents house (the one I lived in for 20 years, two decades) burnt down and though they are safe we sadly lost our family dogs Chester and Buddy. I'm sad that Atlas never got to know his uncles, even though I am sure Chester and Buddy would not have been his greatest fans :).

* And now here we are full circle with Jeremy deployed again, and hopefully for the last time. He should be back, fingers crossed, by Christmas though it might be just a little after :( But luckily this is it, this is his last one (again fingers crossed something doesn't come up). We have just a little over a year left and we will be moving back to Vancouver! YAY! It's so awesome to think we are in the final stretch.
Things that suck about your husband being deployed: Taking the trash to the dumpster (its a pain in the but when you live in the building farthest from the dumpster!), having to haul 30 lb bags of dog food up a flight of stairs, doing the dishes...I also miss his lame jokes and his big smile but man his muscle come in handing when doing the tough jobs. LOL

* So now I am back to work, getting the classroom set up and taking beginning of the year trainings. Kids come back on Tuesday and it should be an interesting year. I'm looking forward to some of the things I missed last year because I started to late, like field trips and assemblies.

So that's my year in a Blog. I was going to add a picture or two from each big thing but it was taking to long to load so I gave up and just include the most important one! My baby Atlas. Anyways, we will see if I keep it up this time.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

It took a little more than 4 months...

So I have lived in Florida since January 22, and now four months later I finally experience what people are always talking about. Every person I have talked to who has at some point lived in Florida has mentioned the massive bugs they have here, I have read stuff online about them and about how there is no getting away from them no matter how clean or new your house is. Well for four months I am thinking that these people must be crazy because the extent of bugs I have seen are a few normal sized spiders and mosquitoes no different than you would see in Washington. Lots of alligators and lizards, but abnormal sized bugs? Nope.

Well today Jeremy and I got sushi for dinner, and on our way out to the car to leave I had my first experience. On the tire of the truck next to us was the biggest, ugliest grasshopper I have ever seen! The pictures don't do its size justice. I though about putting my finger next to it for scale, but there was no way in heck I was getting within feet of this nasty thing! I was thoroughly disgusted and creeped out.

Though the pictures don't look like it, the thing was as fat as my thumb and 2 to 2 1/2 inches long. It just occurred to me I have seen a grasshopper this size, 7th grade biology class. However that one was dead and had been in formaldehyde for at least ten years. And I still freaked out when its foot got stuck on my rubber glove and it silly 13 year old self swore it was alive for a minute. I was extremely freaked out, and made my lab partner do the dissecting...I was not getting within feet of it. Let me tell ya, they are even more freak and gross when they move on their own.

I will likely have nightmares tonight of abnormal large disgusting bugs....ewww!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures from Mike and Savannahs Visit

It has been a really long time since I updated, and I was told I needed to put more pictures on by Jeremy's parents. So here are pictures from Mike (jeremy's best friend or as Savannah and I say, his boyfriend) and Savannah (mike's girlfriend) visit to florida. We went to Busch Gardens, Adventure Island (waterpark) and downtown St. Petersburg. It was a really fun trip and we miss having them around! Jeremy and I both can't wait to see them again soon!
Jeremy and Mike being monkies and climing the Banyan trees in St. Pete

Boyfriends, reunited at last!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


That I am officially a college graduate! YAY! This came in the mail last week and I can't wait to frame it and hang it up. It's so exciting to offically have a degree. Though like my last post expresses, being done with school and not having a job is not all i thought it would be back when I was dreaming about having nothing to do all day long inbetween work, school, internship, papers, tests and projects! But despite my boredom, I am glad to be done with at very least part of my education (still haven't decided on a master's degree).

Life as a housewife...

IS SOOOOOOO BORING! It would be one thing if I had a kid, but I am literally bored out of my mind. It would be nice right about now to have a job, but because of all the time i would have to ask for off (for people visiting and going home) between now and August (when I would quit anyways since Jeremy is deploying and I am going to go home) I feel there isn't really a point. So instead I have been cleaning, scrapbooking, cooking and baking like crazy. Which if you know me, I hate to clean and cook. So here are a few of the things I have been whipping up out of boredom...I'm actually shocked at how well I am doing with this whole cooking thing. I have only cooked a small number of dishes in my life, so I am very shocked when all the dishes I make actually turn out. I need to start working out though, because bored at night leads to baked goods. And then I have to eat them of course, because it would be a waste for them to go bad. So yeah, the eliptical is really calling my name but motivating myself is really hard. Its much easier to watch HGTV and eat some more baked goods. MMMM